Build 37.7


  1. On the Review window, the reports list was missing the items for the Concerns Reports and the Attachments Report.
  2. Added a couple of options to the Tasks menu. Also re-organized the menu a bit and conformed all of the Task queries to a standard.
  3. On all Task queries, added the ability to show the Notes and Details columns.
  4. When a review step is completed, an email is now sent to the investigator.
  5. When inviting candidates from the Group, a question asks whether you want to set the PHS questionnaires to Preliminary. More information was provided to this dialog to provide clarity to answer the question appropriately.
  6. The Reviews menu now includes the following options:
    1. All Reviews
    2. All Reviews Assigned to Me
    3. All Open Reviews
    4. All Closed Reviews
    5. Open Reviews Assigned to Me
    6. Open Reviews Assigned By Me
  7. On the Motor Vehicle Operation tab, the question asking whether you have ever received a citation was removed since it may be in conflict with the user-defined period for listing traffic citations.